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Business Loans And Real Estate Funding In Orlando

Business Loans And Real Estate Funding In Orlando

Our Business Loans In Orlando

Orlando, FL has a great small business community, and we’re proud to offer financing to these small businesses. Among the financing products we offer are unsecured business loans. Most working capital needs to be secured through placing liens on business assets such as equipment or having a substantial amount of assets that can be liquidated quickly such as accounts receivables. With our flexible programs, you can receive funding without needing collateral that asset-based lending requires, but you will need to meet other requirements.

Our requirements are very simple Since our unsecured business loans in Orlando don’t have collateral requirements, your credit history is very important in determining whether or not you qualify for them. We conduct thorough credit checks and take your financials into account when determining your loan eligibility. Here at GoKapital, we look to make loan approvals easier than they have been with most other lenders because we believe more small businesses need to be given the chance to grow and receive the initial funding to get started with.

Once you receive your business loan funding, you’re free to use it for any business purpose. You can make more inventory purchases from your suppliers and make sure they are paid ahead of time, invest in new technology such as a new point of sale system, or hiring new workers. The great news is our loans are fairly straightforward to apply for with fewer documents required than most other loans, and you can get approved for and receive your funds in a short time.

Our Commercial And Hard Money Real Estate Loans In Orlando

There are actually quite a few different kinds of financing options for buying real estate that go beyond traditional and commercial mortgages. Here at GoKapital, you can secure funding for commercial real estate and investment properties through our hard money programs. Hard money loans work quite a bit differently than traditional mortgages because instead of being long-term, they’re intended to be used for short-term projects that are expected to generate returns on investment immediately.

How does it work?

When you find a property you wish to invest in or buy for rehab contact us once you have the purchasing agreement in place with your realtor.  The required down payment will range anywhere between 20% to 30%.  An offer typically takes 1 to 2 days and closing can be done as fast as 3 weeks and in some cases even sooner.   We do review your credit score but is not the main factor when giving you an offer.  If you have financial questions before signing the purchasing agreement with your realtor feel free to reach out to our team.  It’s also possible to later refinance our hard money loans with a conventional commercial mortgage, which is what most investors that want to secure a property fast do.

We are an alternative lending company that specializes in business loans and commercial real estate in the greater Orlando area. Our goal is to help small business owners and real estate investors obtain the financing they need as quickly as possible. Whether you’re starting up a manufacturing business, opening up a restaurant, forming a new tech startup, or even opening a new law firm, we can make sure you get your funding without needing to deal with the usual roadblocks that come with banks and other lenders. Our company has an established network of investors and brokers who can offer funding options based on your current business situation and other areas of your financial strengths beyond just credit. If you need business or commercial real estate funding today, apply with us to see how we can help.


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