Financing Options for E-Commerce Businesses


E-Commerce Business Loans

E-commerce financing is a type of financing that helps online merchants obtain the necessary funds to grow and expand their business. It can be used to purchase inventory, pay for advertising, or even hire additional staff.

This type of financing is becoming increasingly popular as online businesses become more commonplace. By providing online merchants with access to capital, e-commerce financing can help them remain competitive in the marketplace and increase their sales.

Working Capital Loans For E-Commerce Startups

Some Of The Most Popular Products Are

GoKapital’s loan products provide businesses with the ability to access capital and fund their operations. Financing options are available

Loan Amounts: $20K to $5MM
Terms: 1 to 5 Years
Factor Rate: 1.20 to 1.49
Min. Credit: 580

Loan Amounts: 250K to $5MM
Terms: 1 TO 5 Years
Cost of Capital: 6% to 35%
Min. Credit: 580

Loan Amount: 30K to $150K
Terms: up to 10 Years
Interest Rate: 8% to 12%
Min. Credit: 680

Loan Amounts: 5K to $150K
Terms: 6,9 or 12 Months
Factor Rate: 1.09 to 1.29
Min. Credit: 660

Loan Amount: 250K to $5MM
Terms: 5 to 25 Years
Interest Rate: 1% to 9%
Min. Credit: 680

Loan Amounts: $20K To $500K
Terms: 1 to 5 Years
Interest Rate: 6% to 18%
Min. Credit: 680

How to get approved for an E-commerce loan

Applying for a business loan online can be a quick and easy process. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and financial documents in order before applying. This includes tax returns, financial statements, account receivables (in some cases), and any other documents that may be required by the lender.

Once you have gathered all of your necessary documents, you can begin the application process. To start, you can fill up our online application forms below:

Revenue Based Loan

Business Line of Credit

Equipment Financing

Start-up Loan

Business Term Loan

Personal Loan

In case you are looking to purchase or finance real estate you can send the property details using this form

Real Estate Loan

Business credit card

It is a useful source of short-term financing for the company’s supplies and materials. However, the financing cost of this option can be high, and the usage is usually restricted by the owner’s credit limit.

Alternative financing

Alternative business loans and revenue-based funding are usually available. The best part about alternative financing is that it provides funds quickly with minimal paperwork. However, the options are better than conventional bank loans, which are relatively inaccessible.

Revenue-based financing

It is not a loan. Revenue–based financing is a financing agreement where a construction firm agrees to sell a portion of its future revenue at a fixed discount. The option can provide $20,000 to $5,000,000 in funding in exchange for a portion of the company’s future business revenue.

Your e-commerce business can choose any of the above financing options to get working capital. The financing options provide peace of mind knowing that you have access to the funds you require.

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