GoKapital Aims To Make The Business Lending And Real Estate Financing Process Much Faster And Simpler Than A Bank

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GoKapital Aims To Make The Business Lending And Real Estate Financing Process Much Faster And Simpler Than A Bank

In a world where traditional lending can be time-consuming and complex, GoKapital emerges as a game-changer in the financial services industry. Since its establishment in 2013, GoKapital has been dedicated to revolutionizing access to alternative lending for borrowers nationwide. Through their proprietary financial technology and streamlined application process, they aim to make business lending and real estate financing faster and simpler than ever before.

In a recent interview, Chris Moreno, GoKapital’s CEO, shared insights about the company’s mission, their user-friendly process, and the wide range of financing options available. Let’s dive in!

Facilitating Access to Alternative Lending:

GoKapital stands out by providing borrowers with effortless access to alternative lending. The company’s user-friendly approach ensures that only basic information is needed for a pre-qualification. Whether clients prefer to apply online, visit their office, or work with a dedicated account representative, GoKapital’s numerous funding programs cater to diverse needs.

Unveiling the Array of Loan Options:

Many businesses and real estate investors are unaware of the vast array of alternative lending options available in today’s market. GoKapital aims to bridge this knowledge gap by offering a comprehensive range of financial products, including:

SBA Loans: GoKapital’s expertise lies in identifying the best Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs for businesses. With competitive rates and invaluable guidance, they simplify the often time-consuming SBA loan approval process.

Business Lines of Credit: Business owners can leverage the flexibility of GoKapital’s lines of credit, enabling them to pay interest only on the funds utilized. This ensures a reserve of capital for future needs.

Commercial Mortgages: GoKapital assists clients in securing commercial real estate loans, offering more stability than residential properties. Their expertise helps navigate through the bank’s stringent guidelines and limited lending capacities.

Hard Money Loans: Real estate investors seeking quick and short-term financing options can rely on GoKapital’s hard money loans. These loans are ideal for fix-and-flip projects, facilitating the purchase and renovation of residential investment properties.

Nationwide Business Loans Affiliate Program:

GoKapital recently launched a nationwide business loans affiliate program. Recognizing the demand for their services, they collaborated with marketing experts to extend their reach. The program allows partners to earn a monthly residual income by helping borrowers access the funding they require. Partners receive full marketing and sales support from GoKapital, making it a seamless and rewarding opportunity.

Embracing Technological Advancements and Expansion:

GoKapital believes in staying competitive and adapting to the ever-changing lending marketplace. To achieve this, they continuously modify their loan programs based on customer demand. Additionally, GoKapital is committed to enhancing their proprietary financial technology, streamlining the application process further.

With offices in Miami and Colombia, GoKapital is exploring physical expansion into new geographic regions. By extending their presence, they aim to serve a broader customer base and continue their mission of simplifying lending processes globally.

GoKapital is at the forefront of alternative lending, making business loans and real estate financing more accessible than ever before. Their user-friendly approach, combined with a diverse range of loan options, including SBA loans, business lines of credit, commercial mortgages, and hard money loans, empowers borrowers to achieve their financial goals. With ongoing technological advancements and plans for physical expansion, GoKapital is poised to remain a leading player in the lending marketplace, offering unparalleled support to businesses and real estate investors nationwide.

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