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Hard Money Loans

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Hard Money Residential Real Estate Loans

Invest in real estate with GoKapital's fast residential real estate investment loan programs - quick closings and competitive rates.

  Rehab Loans – Financing Purchase & Renovation Nationwide
  Purchase, Refinance or cash out for Investment Properties
 Up to 80% LTV of purchase price
  80% of Purchase Program, lower rate.
  Fix and Flip financing with rehab funds
  Terms from 6 months to 10 years

  Foreign Nationals Qualify
  Loan amounts from $50,000 to $50,000,000
  Property ideally in LLC or Corp.
  Lending Nationwide
  Free Pre-approvals, no upfront fees.
  Fast approvals and closings!


Primary Residential Mortgage - Basic Documents

Primary Residential Mortgage – Basic Documents

Executive Loan Summary
Purchase Agreement
Personal financial statement.
Income / expense statement for the last full year and YTD for the property
Last 2 years personal and business tax returns.
Federal tax return for the property (if available)
Copy of bank statement showing funds for down payment
Copy of deposit check for the purchase.
Photo of the property

Primary Residential Mortgage - General Questions

Primary Residential Mortgage – General Questions

If Purchase – Purchase Price:
If Purchase – target close date:
If Refinance – Purchase price when bought by borrower:
If Refinance – purchase date for this borrower:
If Refinance – current rate and term of existing mortgage:
If refinance – total amount of ALL current liens on the property:
If cash out refinance, proceeds will be used for:
Approximate current value:
Property Type:
Property Address:
Loan amount requested:
If owner occupied – Nature of Business:
If owner occupied – Net business income (add back depreciation) for the last 3 years as listed on tax returns:
If owner occupied, percentage the owner occupies the property:
Estimated credit score:
If leased, gross annual rents collected last year as listed on tax returns:
If leased, nature of business of the primary tenants:
If leased, owner paid operating expenses for last year, do not include interest or depreciation:
Please include a photo of the property.

Your Real Estate Investment Loan At The Best Rate - Quickly

Fast answers to your questions

Loan Programs:
We offer two basic types of rehab loans:

65% of After Repair Value, up to 100% of Cost:

 Loan Amounts: $50,000 to $750,000
 Loan to Value: Up to 65% of the ARV
 Interest rates: 13.9% – 15.9%
 Lender Fees: 5%
 Loan Term: 6 months or 12 months
 Payments: Interest only monthly, no interest reserve required
 Lien Position: First Only
 Prepay: none
 States: All
 Upfront fees: $299 plus appraisal (only charged after pre-approval)

80% Loan to Purchase Price:

 Loan Amounts: $50,000 to $750,000
 Loan to Value: Up to 80% of the Purchase Price
 Interest rates: 12%
 Lender Fees: 5% – 6%
 Loan Term: 12 months
 Payments: Interest only monthly, no interest reserve required
 Lien Position: First Only
 Prepay: none
 States: All
 Upfront fees: $299 plus appraisal (only charged after pre-approval)

Borrower Parameters:

A borrower seeking a hard money loan must meet the following generally stated minimum requirements. Specific minimum requirements are set following our receipt of a loan application.

  • Preferred borrowers can be corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and trusts..
  • Reasonable existing income
  • Reasonable cash reserves of about 10%
  • Reasonable net worth
  • Credit score – 620 or better, some exceptions apply
  • Ability to perform exit strategy may be needed
Property Types:
Property Types:
  • Residential: 1-4 unit non-owner occupied
  • Multifamily: 5+ Units
  • Mixed-use: Retail plus Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail
  • Self Storage
  • Warehouse
  • We do NOT finance owner occupied residential rehab projects.

Affordable and timely finance is critical for businesses and households to function in the world today. When you are in the market for small business loans, quick business loans, unsecured business loans, help with equipment financing, Residential Mortgage loans, commercial real estate loans, merchant cash advances, business loans for women, or invoice factoring you do not need excuses and delays. What you require are effective solutions fast. You need someone to answer your questions like, “what is a residential mortgage credit report?” This is where GoKapital enters into the picture as a trusted partner.

GoKapital is proud to provide a wide range of loans and programs for all different kinds of industries and market segments, as well as Residential Mortgage services. Our specialists know all too well how important it is to obtain quick and easy funding access in order for the daily operations of your company to run smoothly and to expand your growing firm. If you are eager to invest in marketing, purchase new equipment, or pick up exciting new projects, we are here to help you by ensuring that the process of business lending becomes both simple and fast. If you have been in business for at least four months and possess a yearly revenue minimum of $150,000 then we are excited to talk with you about all of our options. When you work with us, you will receive your funds in from only one to three days time frame.

We also make commercial real estate transactions happen smoothly. Our complete lineup of commercial real estate loans and options offer solutions for the self-employed borrowers who are looking to acquire a building, obtain real working capital via the equity that exists on a present property, or to refinance your present commercial mortgage options for financing. We specialize in loans across all fifty states of the U.S. with loans that range from as little as $50,000 to even $50 million on all types of properties. This includes office space, retail, warehouses, plants, and more. If you have at least a $5,000 per month revenue, a from 20 percent to 40 percent down payment available, and a 600 or higher credit score, then you need to come sit down with our finance professionals today. We deliver funds in from only one to three weeks for these commercial financing transactions.

Residential real estate finance is another area in which we specialize. If you invest in residential real estate via flipping or fixing up homes, buying properties for rental purposes, or need to cash out refinance on a property that is not owner occupied, we offer a variety of excellent solutions for you today. Getting out of your primary residential mortgage payment is as simple as contacting us. GoKapital features residential investment property financing programs as well as hard money loans across the nation. We specialize in primary residential mortgage Florida loans. Our approvals are easy to secure and our closings are quick. If you possess the required 20 to 40 percent down payment and can show a minimum monthly revenue of $5,000, then we can have the funds to you in as little as from only one to three weeks time.

Residential Real Estate Financing for Investors

GoKapital provides competitive non-bank lending options for real estate residential and commercial real estate investors.

Many small firms find that they want to concentrate on closing deals and not collecting money owed to them, and we completely understand that. You are not an accounting or collection firm after all. We can easily and quickly convert your account receivables using our Invoice Factoring service. This converts your existing invoices into immediate funds. For those customers of yours who are presently paying their invoices in from 30 days to 120 days, the invoice factoring offered by GoKapital will allow you to advance fully from 70 percent to 95 percent of the amount invoiced. The only limitation is that the invoices go out to other companies for previously delivered goods or rendered services. To participate, you need to have been operating at least four months in business and enjoy a $50,000 per month in business revenues. We are able to deliver this invoice factoring funding in only from one to two weeks.

Another all too common need for businesses centers on equipment financing. You need to have the right equipment in order to boost revenues and expand the business effectively. GoKapital maintains an active and helpful series of financing programs for equipment leasing so that you are able to maximize your cash flow by reducing your monthly payments as much as possible, to increase your credit, and to also receive the tax savings advantages that come along with this activity. With $10,000 in monthly minimum revenues and an in-business time frame of at least six months, we can make the approval process both painless and quick. We deliver these funds in from one to three days only.

Our Small Business Administration loans boast longer terms, lower rates, and U.S. government security. This makes the application process sometimes more difficult. There can be a massive amount of paperwork, up to from two to three months in review time, and stringent qualifications that include over two years in operation, a credit score in excess of 700, and high-profit ratios for your firm. If your annual revenues are at least $150,000 and you have an on-tax profitability of from 10 percent to 30 percent, then you likely qualify and should apply now. We provide these funds in from one to three months time.

The process to apply with us for all of these various personal and business loans and financing needs are simple, straight forward, and easy. We will need to obtain some basic documentation on you personally and your business. Our finance people will appraise the property (home or commercial) and obtain the additional documentation required for real estate loans. Assessing your property also helps us to underwrite your loan profile. Finally, we set up a closing date once the underwriter is successful in approving your loan. Here you will simply sign off on all final paperwork so that we can fund your loan transaction.

The advantage in working with our company is that our primary goal is to ensure that your residential mortgage lending experience or commercial loan process becomes as smooth and simple as humanly possible. This is why our loan and Residential Mortgage services professionals will hold your hand throughout each step to answer all questions you have and guide you through the entire process.

Call us at 866-257-2973 and find out how we can help you!