Is Google Marketing Still Worth for Small businesses?

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Is Google Marketing Still Worth for Small businesses?


Is Google Marketing Still Worth for Small businesses?

Since the turn of the century, perhaps no other advancement has been as beneficial and cost-effective for businesses as digital marketing. Stemming from the growth of the internet, digital marketing has significantly changed the way businesses acquire new clients. With traditional marketing methods such as word of mouth marketing or taking out a newspaper ad, business owners had to physically go out of their way to gain the attention of a potential customer. Nowadays, just by harnessing the power of Google, business owners can implement strategies such as SEO and Google ads (Formerly known as Adwords) to turn their website into their main source of client acquisition. Both of these strategies great for businesses with small to medium-sized marketing budgets. 
Read on to find five reasons why implementing these marketing strategies on Google is still worth it for your business.

#1: It's a Cost-Effective Marketing Alternative
The main downside to traditional marketing methods is that they cost too much. Depending on which traditional marketing strategy is used, costs can cost thousands of dollars. With online strategies such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and optimizing your website for Search Engines (SEO), any business of any size can start a campaign with a budget as low as $15 a day.

#2: Billions of People Are Searching Online
Another reason why Google marketing is worth it is that most clients are now searching online. Virtually everyone has some sort of smart device or computer with internet access. This makes it easy to search for specific products or services that someone might need. In turn, it makes it easy for businesses to gain customers looking for what they sell.

#3: It Is Proven To Be Of The Highest ROI Strategies
As far as SEO return on investment is concerned, there is no comparison in terms of which marketing strategies provide the highest returns. Online marketing strategies are by far the best strategies in this regard. Think about it, what other marketing methods can provide a return nearly 100 times greater than a $15 a day investment?

#4: Detailed Metric Tracking And Analysis
One of the most overlooked benefits that prove online marketing is still worth it for business is the tracking and analysis capabilities. With additional tools such as Google Analytics, businesses can see how well their campaigns are doing performance-wise. Better yet, they are given suggestions as to how they can improve in weak areas.

#5: It Is Far More Flexible That Traditional Marketing Strategies
As many business owners would know, flexibility is one of the most desirable traits to have. It allows a business to further accommodate a potential client in a way to profit from them. That said, this is one of the main benefits that Google gives businesses. Within its marketing platforms, changes can be made at the click of a button without any drawbacks.
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