GoKapital is now offering personal/startup and business loans

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GoKapital is now offering personal/startup and business loans

Personal loans

Discover the latest additions to GoKapital's financial programs: personal/startup loans and unsecured business loans with low monthly payments. As a leading alternative lending marketplace, GoKapital is committed to adapting to market conditions and providing accessible financing options to its customers. In response to the global pandemic's impact on businesses, these two new loan programs have been launched to offer quick and hassle-free capital to businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Exploring the New Loan Programs:

Start-Up/Personal Loan:
Are you looking for funds to kickstart your dream business or consolidate debt? GoKapital now offers an unsecured loan program designed for individuals who do not own a business. This program provides attractive features, including rates as low as 6%, loan terms up to 5 years, and up to $500,000 available per applicant. If you have a strong credit history but struggle to secure traditional bank financing, this program is an excellent option. Applying is easy through our online application, and you can receive a decision within 24 hours with just a soft credit pull. Funding can be provided within 1-2 weeks, allowing you to get started on your entrepreneurial journey promptly.

Monthly Payment Business Term Loan:
GoKapital understands that business owners face unique challenges, especially during these uncertain times. To address this, we have introduced a business loan program that offers monthly payments and flexible terms of up to 10 years, regardless of your credit score. This type of financing is particularly beneficial for those burdened with multiple revenue-based business loans that require daily or weekly payments. By refinancing these balances with a single loan offering low monthly payments, you can significantly improve your cash flow. Please note that this program is currently available in 30 states.

At GoKapital, we prioritize a seamless and convenient borrowing experience. Business owners and individuals can apply for these loan programs online or by calling our dedicated team at 1-866-257-2973. Our goal is to simplify the application process, provide prompt decisions, and offer funding within 24 hours, ensuring you can access the capital you need when you need it.

With a track record of facilitating millions in financing since 2013, GoKapital has earned its reputation as a reliable lending partner. In addition to the newly launched personal/startup and unsecured business loans, we also provide revenue-based business loans and real estate financing options for experienced and new investors. Whatever your financing needs may be, GoKapital is here to support you.

GoKapital's introduction of personal/startup loans and unsecured business loans with low monthly payments demonstrates its commitment to providing accessible financing solutions in an ever-changing market. By offering these loan programs, GoKapital aims to assist businesses and individuals in accessing the capital they need to thrive. Apply online or call GoKapital today to embark on your journey towards financial success.



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