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How to Secure Working Capital During The Longest Government Shutdown in History

Secure Working Capital During Government biggest Shutdown in History. While America is amid the longest US government shutdown, the Small Business Administration Loan Process is halted affecting millions of small businesses. If you’re a small to midsize business owner ready to launch or on the cusp of growth, you can find useful information in this[...]
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SBA Loan Rates in 2018

Most business owners are pleased to discover that SBA loan rates in 2018 are often better than any rates they would get with other lending options. If you run a business and it needs funding for inventory or to make any other investments, you are probably thinking about getting an SBA loan. To be more[...]
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What is a Conventional Mortgage?

GoKapital Conventional Mortgage
Conventional Mortgage A conventional mortgage is a wonderful option for first-time homebuyers with a decent credit score and enough down payment. If you’re looking to acquire a primary residence or refinance your existing mortgage, a conventional (conforming) loan is your best choice. A conventional, conforming, mortgage is not insured, guaranteed or offered by any government[...]
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SBA Loans CDC/504 and 7(a) Comparison

SBA Loans Comparison The Small Business Administration (SBA) aims to help American business owners get financing at favorable rates and terms. The SBA backs them up so those small businesses can focus on creating more jobs and help expand the U.S. economy with  SBA Loans. Without a shadow of a doubt, an SBA loan is[...]
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