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Internet Marketing That Gets Results!

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Internet Marketing That Gets Results


Counting visitors isn’t the same as counting dollars.

More traffic to your website doesn’t always mean more business. GOKAPITAL focuses on revenue instead of traffic, to get you a return on your investment that’s real.

The single most important decision you can make…

for the long-term success of your business can be made right here, right now. If your goal is to get more business, you’ve found the company that can bring it in and keep it coming. Invest in the future, or go back to advertising in the phone book, but do it now.


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Paid Search Advertising

We create and manage PPC campaigns to help you advertise directly to the consumers who need you most..

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. You can set an exact budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad to visit your site. Paid advertising can also include remarketing options and specific mobile ads. A leading PPC management agency, GOKAPITAL offers:

⇒ Reliable Internet marketing services that give you the opportunity to work with the top certified PPC specialists in the industry

⇒ A dedicated account manager qualified and equipped to provide you with services tailored to meet your needs

⇒ An opportunity to maximize your pay-per-click search presence with pricing that fits your budget

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SEO Search Engine Optimization Services

With over 14 years of SEO experience, we have the knowledge and tools to increase your site’s organic rankings..

When you research SEO rates and request a quote, you want to know what you’re getting with each SEO price before selecting an Internet marketing company to partner with. In 2014, GOKAPITAL SEO prices include:

The unmatched expertise of a team of Internet marketers ranked #1 in the US for organic search engine optimization by, the independent authority on SEO vendors and SEO pricing

Access to proprietary SEO processes and products developed over many years of experience, including CrawlerFX, a contributing factor to our competitive SEO pricing

A guaranteed successful SEO campaign thanks to GOKAPITAL proven track record of SEO success, making the price of SEO well worth the investment


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Let’s have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if I’ll be able to help.

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