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Insurance Agency Loans

If you run an insurance agency and you would like to push your business to new heights as quickly as possible, getting growth capital in your account is vital. Whether you want to hire new staff, buy a new property or purchase another agency, you need to have enough funds on hand to get the job done.

You might feel tempted to ask a local bank for a loan that meets your needs so that you can reach your desired outcome. Standard banks, though, don’t always understand the needs of an insurance agency. If you take that path and hope for the best, you might not get the results for which you have been hoping.

At GoKapital, we understand insurance agencies and how they work, and we will get you the required funds without delay, allowing you to expand your reach in no time.

Get Fast Funding

GoKapital offers loans for independent insurance agents. Our team strives to provide working capital to those who need it the most. When you want to take advantage of an opportunity, we realize that time won’t always be on your side, which is why we aim to get your funds to you without tons of complicated paperwork. Depending on the amount of time for which you have been in business, we can have an answer for you within hours of filling out your application.

You will be pleased if your objective is to discover the top financing options for insurance agencies because we won’t let you down.

Credit Line

You could be interested in multiple insurance agency loans but don’t want to reapply every few months or years—which is understandable. The team at GoKapital is proud to offer a business line of credit to anyone in the insurance industry. To qualify, you will need to generate $100,000 per year or more, and your credit score is irrelevant.

You can use the funds as needed and have access to more credit as soon as you repay your balance. With this lending option, you can make the required purchases to keep your insurance agency running well, and no expense will catch you off guard. If you have other loans and would like to consolidate your debt, this path can help with a recapitalization.


Revenue-Based Loans

Optimizing your budget without a divestiture is possible when you work with the right lender for your needs. When your mission is to get funds without being forced to wait too long, a revenue-based loan could be the thing for which you have been looking. You are qualified for this option if your insurance agency has been around for at least four months, and you must deposit an average of $10,000. We care about those who come to us for help and will do what it takes to enable insurance agents to succeed over the long run.

Invoice Factoring

Getting capital for your independent agency won’t be difficult when you choose a path that matches your business requirements. Many insurance agencies want to make acquisitions but don’t have the cash on hand to reach their goals, but they also have a lot of unpaid invoices.

If you can relate to that situation, invoice factoring is an option at which you will want to look. Showing us your unpaid invoices will get you started so that you can move forward, and you will receive your funds within one to two weeks. Using this option lets you make investments that will keep your business on track.

Business Cash Advance

A cash advance is another loan program that you can use to take your business to the next level before you know it. Your credit score does not affect your eligibility, and you will need to generate a profit of at least $150,000 per year.  

Also, your business needs to be at least four months old if you want to get approved for a cash advance. If you don’t always earn a steady profit each month and you don’t want to strain your budget, this option is for you.

Rather than paying a set fee, you will pay a percentage of your credit card sales.

Unsecured Loan

Those who have credit scores of 680 and make at least $150,000 per year can get one of our unsecured loans. This path is similar to what you would get from a standard bank without the stress. Instead of waiting months to get an answer and receive your money, we will get the funds into your account in two weeks or less. Because this loan is not secured, you won’t need to offer collateral to apply. You can make purchases that will enhance your bottom line and skyrocket your profitability when you take out an unsecured loan from GoKapital.

Equipment Financing

We can help whenever you need to make financial transactions, and getting started is a simple process. If you need to buy cars for your agents, computers for the office or other equipment, we are on your side and won’t let you down.

Getting the equipment you need to keep your business moving in the right direction should not be daunting, and we remove the stress from the lending process. We will worry about the complicated parts of getting a loan, so you can focus on growing your business and keeping your clients happy. Money won’t be an issue for your agency when you turn to us for any lending needs.

Moving Forward

If you want to stay ahead in a fast-paced market and need money to grow your agency, it’s time to apply for your loan. No matter the type of funding you need, the team at GoKapital is ready to give you a hand and point you in the right direction. We strive to keep those who come to us happy and to match our clients with the perfect loan for their business. Whether your goal is to grow your existing insurance agency or to get a succession loan for a company you have recently acquired, we can help. We invite you to call us at 1-866-257-2973 or to fill out your application online.