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Equipment Financing

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Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

When is it the right time for a business owner to leave that savings account alone and consider equipment financing?

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Imagine a business, maybe yours, looking to make its mark by expanding to a second location on the other side of town. It’s not a large location, so equipment will be trucked to it on an as-needed basis. First will come the construction phase. There’ll be earth to grade and pipe to be laid for the water. It’s comforting having a lot of heavy equipment on site.

Does this business really need to buy six various Cat tractors, endless wiring, and so much more? Does it need to do so out of its own capital? This is a moment faced by any successful business sooner or later. When that moment comes, there’s no reason not to soften the blow of that expense as much as possible.

This is when it’s a good idea to consider your financing options. It might not seem like it sometimes, but the system wants your business to win. That implies not bleeding out all your own savings three months before it can expect to see any return on investment. Nobody wants that but your competitors. That’s why there are several ways to acquire the capital you need. Many of these are surprisingly affordable and can be acquired on favorable terms, terms fine-tuned to your needs.

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What will we likely be talking about?

Business Loans

While options proliferate, the basic instrument for most equipment financing will remain the small business loan. The Federal Small Business Administration itself participates with lenders to provide a great bulk of this funding. One of the most common business loans is the SBA 7(a) Loan, which funds everything from commercial real estate to the machinery needed to develop it. The SBA 7(a) also provides more openly defined “working capital.”

Another common business loan is the Franchise Loan. As much as we love working with start-up businesses, this Franchise Loan reflects a market reality. That reality is the greater success displayed by franchises of already-successful businesses than by entirely new businesses. There’s something about a proven track record. There are also Business Acquisition Loans. These pay for the initial franchise purchase but then also target financing new acquisitions generally. Business Acquisition Loans also cover refinancing.

Low payment options are available that will keep money in the company cashbox better served giving annual bonuses to your top employees. There’s also something to be said for just letting savings sit there in the company savings account doing nothing but keeping the owner’s blood pressure down. Either is a good strategy for a business built as though it means to be around a long time. It’s a strategy that reduces the risk of the rash “boom or bust” thinking that sinks so many new and stressed businesses.

Let those savings stay put and they’ll become one of the very factors that make your business eligible for financing. An entire class of loans, known together as Asset-Based Loans, are based precisely upon giving great terms to businesses with deep savings.

Microloans are ever more in the news, especially since so many who receive them are nonprofit groups. These include anything from your local dance company to a small-town museum devoted to regional painters. These businesses might be small in revenues but big in terms of local press coverage and other free advertising. Microloans average only $13,000. Don’t worry, they’re just as useful for “for-profit” businesses.

If you’re interested in finding out just how a well-targeted Microloan might be just what your business needs, give us a call at 1-866-257-2973. Perhaps you have more questions about an SBA 7(a), a Franchise Loan, a Business Acquisition Loan, or one of the Assett-Based Loans. Call us up, or just type “Hello” in Chat.

Your Financial Adviser: The Best Reason To Call 1-866-257-2973

Unlike the company cashbox, financing methods always tend to come with a knowledgeable adviser to help you make the smartest, most informed investment decision. Nothing is as valuable as a piece of information. That landscaping needed for the new warehouse space might be accomplished according to guidelines that make your business eligible for environmental grants. These might seriously defray your expenses or even reduce them to nothing. An astute adviser can help with decisions like whether it’s most cost-effective to own those six Cat tractors outright, or whether four of them are better rented, since your construction will only last three months. He or she will know of options specifically addressed to the needs of start-up companies.

Pre-qualifying is as simple as filling out an application, and with as many as 50 options to select from most financial advisers can make qualifying a near certainty.

Loans Online

Online loans are certainly convenient but just that convenience makes some consider them only in terms of very small, narrowly-targeted needs. Simply by being online, online loans have easy remote transparency to both business and adviser. This makes signing up for loans online perfect for larger and more complex financing options. Not every business loan need is “micro.”

Spread The Word! They’ll Pay You

These options, with their convenient terms and low payments, only exist because of so many lenders competing with each other – just like your business does in its market. They want to get the word out anyway they can. That includes giving your business an even better deal than you already had. So be sure to ask about the Referral Program. It’s that last, special bonus on top of an already-special small business loan.

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