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Business Term Loan, MCA, or Business Line Of Credit: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Successfully running a business requires money. Capital is needed for the daily functions of a company, the unexpected expenses that could arise, seasonal costs, and opportunities for growth that require cash to get started. Securing financing and figuring out how much money is needed so you don’t miss opportunities for growth, intimidates many people out[...]
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GoKapital CEO Interview with Voyage MIA Miami Magazine

Voyage Interview GoKapital Miami
Chris Moreno, CEO of GoKapital, Inc., was recently interviewed by Voyage MIA magazine. Voyage MIA Magazine specializes in showcasing  South Florida’s most ambitious people, inspiring stories, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to inform readers of ongoing progress in the diverse South Florida community. In the interview, Chris shares the story behind the formation of GoKapital and[...]
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The Best Financing Option for Women Entrepreneurs in 2018

Business Loans for Women
Women who are in business understand the many challenges they face in maintaining their business. There are maintenance issues with equipment. Their employees need support. Building maintenance and upkeep are prime concerns. Women-owned business needs differ slightly from traditional male dominated business needs. Female entrepreneurs report that one of the biggest challenges is financial. Unlike[...]
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5 Things You Need Before Applying for a Business Loan

business loan gokapital
Businesses require adequate funds to expand, market their business and purchase more inventories. However, most entrepreneurs, more so those who run small or medium enterprises find it hard to raise adequate funds to support crucial business processes. If you are one of these unfortunate entrepreneurs, then you should consider taking a business loan to get your[...]
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Non-banking cash advances for

Most small and mid-sized businesses can use a short-term infusion of cash from time to time. Indeed, sometimes the need is so great that it can mean the difference between staying open or closing the doors. But when looking for a cash advance Miami small and mid-sized businesses feel intimidated by the big banks. They[...]
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