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Merchant Cash Advance: An Alternative Solution to Business Loans

An Alternative Solution to Business Loans
Merchant Cash Advance Offers Lending Alternative to E-commerce Business Owners Most small businesses are likely familiar with secured or non-secured loans as well as loans offered by the SBA. When applying for loans, e-commerce business owners need to consider their credit score, if they carry risk to a lender, and their ability to put money[...]
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Choosing a Business Loan for Your Wholesale Company

Business Loan for Your Wholesale Company
Whatever the cause—financial insecurities or unprecedented times in the market, businesses can quickly find themselves caught amid hardship. As companies aim to maintain customers’ attentiveness, it is necessary to direct their focus to meet budgets, lower customer prices, and be strong among competitors. As a wholesale business owner seeking to maintain or grow your business,[...]
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How to prepare your company against Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has undoubtedly changed our way of life. This has affected the global economy, how we socialize with other people, going outside, job stability, and more. Many small businesses are now struggling as a result of this pandemic, including:restaurants, retail shops, gyms/fitness centers, real estate and everything related to tourism. Lending companies,[...]
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